Brief introduction of yacht_BOK No.5-Enjoy Ocean

“BOK No. 5 Enjoy Ocean” is a solar-powered catamaran green energy yacht. The catamaran is stable without diesel exhaust smell. It specializes in chartered yacht services and sound wave parties. The yacht is equipped with BOK concert-level audio equipment. Cabin KTV singing area can be connected to mobile phones or laptops to play music or movies, and DJ MIXER can also self-control music. BOK International Yacht will always provide you the best yacht venue with best services and theme activities.

“BOK No. 5 Enjoy Ocean” adopts advanced catamaran design, which greatly reduces the draught of the vessel, reduces the sailing resistance, and also greatly increases the stability of the vessel; there is no noise, no pollution, no oily smoke smell, low carbon and environmental protection. The yacht runs smoothly without engine noise and it allows guests to enjoy the river scenery with the breeze in the semi-open cabin. People can also experience the thrill of riding the wind and waves on the deck.

Yacht Specification

Type of boat: Passenger boats for business Maximum speed: 10 knots
Boat length: 15.28M Tonnage: 19.59
Passenger quota: 20 Crew quota: 2
Maximum number of people: 22 (Including crew and captain)
Embarkation Place: Dadaocheng Wharf Pier5(大稻程碼頭5號水門)、Zhongxiao Wharf(忠孝碼頭)
Entertainment facilities: 65-inch screen X1、KTV singing system, BBQ zone, dance floor,DJ indoor and outdoor partition music PA audio, mobile phone can be used , Computer-controlled music.
Others: 1.approximately 10 inches cake (with box),Plastic red wine glassX12, induction stove(please bring your own pot),2 kettles,electric kettle
2.。Relevant tableware (ex: 7-inch disposable plates, disposable chopsticks, plastic cups…etc.) will be provided according to the content of your orders. Those who do not order the meal will not be provided with any tableware. Thank you for your cooperation
3.There are toilets in each yacht and we provide garbage bags as well.
4. Yacht BOK NO.5 ,Saturday and Sunday , only can embarkation and disembarkation at Zhongxiao Wharf(忠孝碼頭).

BOK NO.5 Charter boatpricelist(uninclude meals)

Time Period Hours Passenger Quota MON-THU
Long Weekend


4 HR 20$15,000$18,000


4 HR 20$15,000$21,000


4 HR 20$15,000$22,000


4 HR 20$21,000$26,000
Add to Time
(Hourly Rate)
Advance Deposit 6,000
Charter Boatpricelist

Floor plan

BOK No.5-Enjoy Ocean BOK No.5-Enjoy Ocean


BOK No.5-Enjoy Ocean
BOK No.5-Enjoy Ocean
BOK No.5-Enjoy Ocean

Interior Decoration

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Yacht content comparison

Yacht content comparison

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